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Heligan offers over 200 acres for exploration, including Victorian Productive Gardens and Pleasure Grounds, a sub-tropical Jungle, walks through ancient woodland and beautiful Cornish countryside, and the Wildlife Project allowing visitors an intimate view of native wildlife.
The Lost Gardens of Heligan are open daily all year round from 10am.
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Thursday, 22 January 2015


There is a sense of anticipation around the gardens and estate as we all busy around in preparation for the start of spring. As we ensure the productive beds are fertile and ready for the season ahead, we look forward to its bounty.

This feeling for me it's captured by a wonderful old friend in full flower at present with the delightful common name of Sweet Breathe of Spring  (Lonicera fragrantissima). This shrubby honeysuckle is entertaining us in the Northern gardens at present with its highly fragrant flowers spreading an aroma across the the path to be enjoyed by all….

Thursday, 15 January 2015

We Had to Share This!

Camellia Gloire de Nantes. This Camellia is lovingly known as the Christmas Camellia due to the fact that it often blooms in December. Our beautiful specimen is really showing off at the moment at the entrance to Flora’s Green.

We're Back!

Welcome back to the Lost Gardens Blog we’ve been away for a while but we’re now able to resume our full service!

I’d like to introduce myself as Iain Davies. I’ve recently become the Head of Gardens and Estate at Heligan for which I’m delighted!
It is a very exciting time to have started here as we celebrate our 25th anniversary since discovery.

We will bring to you regular updates of all the developments and good things happening here at Heligan. 
We will definitely share our delights at the season’s progress.

Hopefully we will see you over the course of the year.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

It’s a little quiet around here.

As you may have noticed we haven’t updated our blog for a while. We’re really sorry about this but a few staffing changes have left us without a blog writer.

With a new website on the horizon, we hope to be able to launch a new blog within the next few months.
In the meantime you can stay up to date with general Heligan news through Facebook and Twitter pages as well as our main website which can be found at Heligan.com.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Peachy Picture Perfect...

I believe everyone would agree when I say I could stand and look at this absolutely magnificant show of peach blossom in the Peach house all day long. I dont think I need to say anymore....Just look and enjoy! 

Flower Garden Update...


Finally the Flower Garden has got some colour back in to its cheeks with this wonderful display of the Cornish bred miniture Narcissus 'Tete e Tete' popping up everywhere. Especially making a statement in between the Pittosporum trees in a bed that usually lacks colour and sunshine. Soon to be followed by the newly planted rows of Ranunculus mixed which we have re-introduced back in to the plan. The epic job of lifting all of the perennials from the bottom half of the big cut flower beds has begun. They are lifted, devided and replanted in to the top half of the bed which has been double dug and replenished with some good old horse manure. The swap around of the bed and the division occurs every three years.   

Blowing Its Lid...

I thought this bright and beautiful spring vegetable deserved its own post today due to it's persistance in making an enterance. So much so that it is bursting open the forcing pot lid. The young shoots are a culinary delight bringing sweetness and vibrance back in to the kitchen after the long winter.